This week in learning

Muscular antagonist, did history happen, so much rain, and agave itches
The following are a list of concise things that stuck out in my brain throughout the week:

When it comes to hitting a specific muscle you have to think about its subsequent antagonist. For example, if your lats are the target muscle group, then the antagonist is the bicep. Meaning if you aren’t careful, you could engage your bicep which would then take the load away from the targeted muscle.

Do we actually know historical facts? Even if today someone wanted to summarize the World today, they would do it based on their perspective and point of view. So would those be facts or opinions? I doubt that this is a new problem. So, what happened in history previously, did it actually happen?

We have had almost 44” of rain in Topanga, CA since October 1st. That is so much rain.

If you get agave on your skin it really itches. Ask me how I know.