Podcast Review: the History of Rome

If I didn’t say it before, I’ll say it again: I love history.  The more, the merrier.  A few months ago, I stumbled upon The History of Rome podcast.  It starts at the actual - mythical - theories onto how Rome started, and it ends in year 476 with the exile of Romulus Augustulus.  You must practice patience because there are about 180 episodes at around 14-28 minutes a piece!  But, I wish that there were more; honestly I do.  Seriously, I was very sad when it ended.  Mike Duncan, the author/speaker, has a very relaxing voice and I appreciate his dry humor that slowly injects throughout the series.

What I like most about the podcast is that he actually wrote out each and every episode - and he has the manuscript to prove it.  He is reading word-for-word what he wrote.  Due to that, the conversation flows very easily and is put together completely.  Some podcasts are discussions about history with sources to back it up.  With the History of Rome, you’re listening to an actual written manuscript backed up with sources.

Even if you know nothing about Roman history, it will still be a good use of your time because the podcast teaches you pretty much everything that you want to know.  If you follow along on the website (with the podcast) there are sometimes maps and drawings that are included with an episode.  This gives you some visuals and context.  Let’s face it, you need it, the Roman empire was very complex.

My favorite parts were learning about turning from a monarchy into a Republic, the rise and fall of Caesar, Mark Antony, Augustus, Claudius, and Diocletian and his revival of the empire.  That is not to knock any of the other areas discussed, rather I just was interested in those subjects.  Towards the end of the empire was just filled with civil war, which weakened already weakened defenses, which allowed for invasions and an overall downward spiral.

I cannot recommend it enough. And Mike, if you ever read this, I am in the Seattle Los Angeles area and would love to sit down and buy you many beers if you are ever in town.

Check it out: here