Backpacking Tent Review: Hilleberg Anjan 2

A couple of months back I decided to bite the bullet and order a new three-season backpacking tent.  There are a ton out there - in every budget range and representing any feature.  I settled on a Hilleberg Anjan 2.

When it comes to two person backpacking tents there are a few main designs:

Here are the reasons to why I chose the Hilleberg:

  1. Hilleberg is known for legendary quality - once you feel it, you will understand.
  2. The material is thick and the outer tent is made of Kerlon 1000 - you don’t need to use a foot print
  3. The tent is light weight: 4 pounds with the included outer fly. Yes, there are lighter tents, but they feel like paper and the reviews indicate it
  4. All metal fasteners - no plastic to break on you
  5. Vestibule area at the head allows you to keep your gear dry
  6. The inner and outer tent are attached. This leads to simultaneous pitching and a faster pitch.
  7. The inner and outer tent can be separated. If you have really nice weather you can only pitch the outer tent and that will pack to maybe 2 pounds.
  8. Tunnel design is strong and the tent is tested in wind up to 70 MPH for 8 hours - it was still fine.
  9. There is a clothes-line on the inside to hang your clothing on to dry out while you sleep - that was a fun surprise!

We have used it a few times and it has been nothing but stellar.  For more information, check out the Hilleberg Anjan 2.

Here are some pictures from our excursion on the 3rd Beach to Oil City trip - highly recommended.