Put down your phone - but then pick it up

At the bus stop – on my way home from work – there are usually about 30-50 people waiting for their respective buses. At least 90% of the people have their neck craned and their head down looking into their phone. This is usually the saddest part of my day.

What ever happened to sparking up a conversation with someone you don’t know? What happened to just looking around and appreciating the world around? Instead, we relegate ourselves to scrolling off to infinity on Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Challenge #1: the next time that you are at dinner and your dinner guest has to use the bathroom, don’t pick up your phone. Just smile and take in the environment.

Now I would like to contradict myself – pick up your phone.

Challenge #2: you have to pick up your phone and call a friend instead of texting them. Have a real conversation with them instead of looking at their Facebook feed. I know, this is a crazy concept, but it feels great to talk to a friend about their life and catch-up.

Good luck!