Born To Run

Title: Born to Run Author: Christopher McDougall

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It took a few chapters for me to get used to the style of it, though.  It generally jumps around to different points in time throughout a journey and to different people. In one chapter, I was reading about a man’s quest to cure foot pain (which is what the journey is about) and the next could be about a hardcore mountain race.

There is no denying that this book makes you feel like you want to read it; I felt myself looking forward to reading it. As stated previously, the book starts as a man’s quest to cure foot pain, which leads to studying several types of ancient running people, and ultimately leads to a final race amongst some of the greatest modern day ultra-runners in the middle of a Mexican desert.

The journey - and it was - to cure foot pain was inspiring and lead to criticism the current state of footwear in athletics.  The allegation is that shoes are not designed optimally for our genetics.  Shoes are designed to sell and then we are told that they wear out.

Closing: his book makes you question what the reality is within footwear and athletics industries.  It is inspirational to all - regardless of interest or experience with running.

Would I read it again? Yupp. And you should, too.

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